Tell Lawmakers to Fund Our Schools in the Final State Budget!

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Send an email to your representatives below using the template email letting them know you support the Fund Our Schools priorities to use federal aid for student needs. 


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Find additional information in the Fund Our Schools special session fact sheet and lots of details for each funding priority in our memo to state lawmakers.

What’s Happening and When

Lawmakers will return for a special legislative session on August 2nd to decide how to spend Virginia’s $4.3 billion portion of the most recent federal aid package. Many students are struggling now more than ever because of the pandemic and will need additional resources to support learning loss. While local divisions also received an influx of funds, more is needed on the state level to ensure that students are able to recover from the effects of the pandemic and to begin to remedy long-term needs in Virginia’s public schools. 


What are we calling on lawmakers to do?

It is critical that state lawmakers respond to inequities made worse by the pandemic and direct more resources to our highest needs schools by using federal aid money. 


Fund Our Schools has four priorities for the special legislative session:

  1. Invest in School-Based Wraparound and Support Services such as community school models, after school programs, community-based organizations that are delivering after-school programs to vulnerable and underserved students, and system navigators so that social services can be provided at school sites and families with students can better access education and other ARP services, such as: shelter, food, utilities, housing and rental assistance, child care, Head Start, unemployment, broadband and tax credits. 

  2. Create and Fully Invest in the Equity Fund so that our children attending high-poverty schools have additional resources to address the many barriers they have faced over the past year and beyond. The state should create the Equity Fund, as recommended by experts in the Virginia Board of Education, and invest $62 million per year through fiscal year 2024. 

  3. Fully Invest in Allowable General School Infrastructure to sustain long-term recovery and positive impacts on student health and safety, and regional economic recovery. 

  4. Invest in Broadband Access and Affordability so all students have access to educational resources regardless of their zip code or family income status.