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Support Public School Funding in the State Budget!

Budget proposals are the clearest expressions of who and what legislators value. The current budget proposals provide a clear choice: fully invest in our kids and schools or continue to let our students, teachers, and families continue to struggle. Compared to the introduced budget, the Senate proposed an additional $1 billion to support our students and teachers. Read our statement on the budget here and see a map comparing the Senate and House proposed investments in education here.

Funding education at the levels proposed by the Senate would help holistically address the needs of local public schools by giving teachers and students what they need most – more help. It is a choice that includes whether or not to add nearly 10,000 new teacher aides, mental health professionals and other staff in schools across the Commonwealth.

Your voice matters. Use this tool to send an email to your legislator, telling them to support a budget that includes increased funding for education included in the Senate proposed budget.

Virginia Senate budget invests far more per student than House budget

In almost every school division, but particularly in rural and high-poverty school divisions, the Virginia Senate invests significantly more than the House in their budget. In Danville, the Senate invests a whopping $1,733 more than the House does per student. In Petersburg, it’s $1,283 more. The Senate budget provides 82 more new staff positions in Danville and 54 in Petersburg over the House.