Take Action:

Tell legislators to include important public school funding in the final budget!

The Virginia House and Senate proposed budgets on February 18th both included meaningful new  investments in our public schools that would help our students, school staff, and families thrive. These proposed investments go far beyond what was included in the Governor’s budget (read our statement here).

Take two minutes below to contact key legislators and urge them to make sure the best proposed public school investments from the House and Senate budgets make it into the final version. Please personalize your message, especially the subject line, however you see fit. If you have a relationship with the public school system (as a student, parent, teacher, school staff, etc), please note that!

You can also take action by contacting your legislator using these steps:

1) Where to Start

One of the most powerful advocacy strategies is to share your own experiences and to express your support for public education with your elected officials. Find out who your lawmakers are and their contact information here.

2) Next Step

Email and ask for a brief meeting to express your priorities for school funding and ask them where they stand. In your message, you can also include a statement of your support for school resource equity in Virginia.

3) What to Bring Up

The need to adequately staff and fund our schools is an ongoing issue in the state. Click here to learn more about school funding topics. Don’t be afraid to print and bring the fact sheets with you to the meeting!

Fund Our Schools is a statewide coalition of parents, students, teachers, and organizations who believe that every child in every zip code across the Commonwealth of Virginia should have access to a high-quality public education. The campaign officially launched in December 2019, and our advocates quickly began mobilizing and organizing across the state at budget hearings and throughout the General Assembly legislative session. 

We are calling on lawmakers to fully and fairly fund public schools across the Commonwealth. The Virginia General Assembly has failed to fulfill its constitutional duty to adequately fund its public schools. Our campaign utilizes and values all of the advocacy tools that our organizational members and individual supporters bring to the coalition work. Our priorities are grounded in racial equity and and center the voices of students, parents, teachers, and those most impacted by underfunded schools.